Miguel P. Cuaderno, Sr. Memorial, Elementary School


   It was in the year 1993 when Sibacan Primary School started and formally opened with a combination class of Grades I and II having one teacher. After two years, year 1950 the school already has two teachers teaching Grades I and II respctively. As the school population increase, the realization of a complete elementary takes place in the year 1960-1978 comprising with seven (7) teachers, headed by a head teacher, and called Sibacan Elementary School.

   The late Central Bank Governor Miguel P. Cuaderno Sr. generously donated the 8,409 sq. meters lot. For that reason, Mis Rosario P. Bien, the Head Teacher then initially make the effort to name Sibacan Elem. School into Pang-Alaalang Paaralan ni Miguel P. Cuaderno Sr. in honor and commemoration of his exemplify ideals and good deeds as a public servant. The undeniable effort and perseverance of Mis Bien to come up with some resolution was realize through the concerted and generous cooperation of the late Barangay Captain Artemio De Jesus, the barangay officials, the Parent-teachers Association together with the help of Municipal and Provincial Government Offices.

   However, resolution were not enough according to Ministry of Education so The Provincial School Superintendent of Bataan, Dr. Carolina B. Tria made it clear that the resolution made were not sufficient. It definetly has to be sanctioned by an Act of Legislative Body or a Presidential Degree through it involved an elementary school.

   Thus, the help of Assemblyman Antonio P. Roman Jr. is also noted and Recognized for such important role in making this good endeavor possible.

   Therefor, it was in the late of 1980 when Malacanang officially and legally Approved the change of name from Sibacan Elem. School to Pang-alaalang Mababang Paaralan ni Miguel P. Cuaderno Sr. and through the years it now called M.P. Cuaderno Sr. Mem. Elem. School.